Making PowerPoint Interactive Using Multimedia

Looking for ways to use PowerPoint more interactively so students are engaged in the learning process? Bring your own materials and learn how to enhance a presentation by embedding clip art, animation, and video. You will also explore the advanced features of PowerPoint, including customizing templates, text and word art. Learn how to make non linear presentations by using hyperlinks and action buttons. In the final segment of this course, you will explore how to combine the power of PowerPoint with other software and web 2.0 sites to augment your presentation and as well as creating student projects that you can use immediately in your classroom.
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Interactive PowerPoint 2003 to PowerPoint 2007 Guide

Making PowerPoint Interactive Using Multimedia
Course Outline
September 2, 2010 - December 16, 2010

Session 1
September 2
TopicCreating and Modifying Presentations

Toolbars, Menus, and Shortcut keys

Using templates and changing slide layouts

Navigating different views

Adding/deleting slides and changing slide order

Printing a presentation/ exporting to word

Word art and bullets

Adding images and smart art

Autoshapes and grouping

Assignment 1 – Create a short presentation of 5 -10 slides. Include one picture, two font styles and/or colors, a modified bulleted list, one auto shape and one example of word art. Print a hard copy of assignment 1 as a handout which includes an area to take notes. Export presentation to word and print as an outline.

Session 2 & 3
September 9 & 16
TopicMaking Slideshows

Slide transitions and timing presentations

Adding text animation and grouping items

Annotating on slides during a presentation

Adding video /online video converters

Adding sounds and music

Assignment 2 - create a short presentation of 10 – 15 slides on a topic of your choice that utilizes at least one transition, one video clip, one inserted webpage or document, and incorporates at least one sound or a music file.

Sessions 4
September 23
Topic – Add ins and the web

Google docs and open office

Slideshare, authorstream, 280 slides, and zoho


Live web and Vox proxy

You tube and video converters

Assignment 3 – Upload assignment 1 or 2 to authorstream and embed on the class wiki (

Sessions 5, 6 & 7
September 30
October 7 & 14
TopicDigital Storytelling
Digital Storytelling is the practice of using computer-based tools to tell stories. These projects usually contain some mixture of computer-based images, text, recorded audio narration, video clips and/or music.

Movie maker, Photostory, Voicethread

Assignment 4 – create a presentation that incorporates digital storytelling with either movie maker, photostory or voicethread

Sessions 8 & 9
October 21 & 28
Topic - Slidecasts
Slidecasts are the online distribution and syndication of video recordings of slideshow presentations and accompanying narrations. They combine an audio podcast with a slideshow presentation




Assignment 5 – create a slidecast tutorial that would be appropriate for a learning center, make up work, or review

Sessions 10 & 11
November 4 & 11
Topic - Making Presentations Interactive

Making non-linear presentations

Creating and using hyperlinks

Creating action buttons

Assignment 6 – create a non-linear presentation that could be used at a learning center as a review for a concept in your class or adapted test that is manipulated only through action buttons and/or hyperlinks.

Sessions 12 & 13
November 18 & 24
Topic – PowerPoint Games

Utilizing templates

Making your own

Assignment 7 – create a review game to use with your students

Sessions 14 & 15
December 2 & 9
Topic – Student work and assessment
Final Project: Develop a lesson plan that incorporates a PowerPoint project that your students will complete. You may utilize any of the techniques covered in class. Write the lesson plan, create a corresponding rubric and produce a sample presentation that reflects your expectations.